We help you to gain healthy eating habits with our fit foods

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About Us

Our Approach

 Hard Work & Best Quality

Our approach to business is simple, we provide marvelous tastes from all over Anatolia in the best conditions to our customer.

So that, we working only our trusted suppliers and rapidly check their supplies quality.

Also we products dried fruits in our own factory with ISO 9001- ISO 22000- HELAL- VEGAN certificates.
Our exclusive products: Dried Fruits and Dried Vegetables, Fresh Fruits and Citrus.

  Our Story

Dried food has been the food storage and
consumption habit of the humans for
thousands of years. We, as FITFOODS CO.LTD.,
provde you healthy and fresh fruit with our
technology and ISO9001, ISO22000, HALAL
Certificates. In our closed circuit ovens, we
are making the safest and most healthy
products without any additives, paints,
preservatives, aflatoxin and pesticide. We
carry out the whole process from gardens to
our Yalova Factory. Thanks to our diligence,
our faith in honest trade and esteemed
customers; we quickly became a successful
company from few enthusiastic young people.
In every products we produce, we support the
regional agricultural production in the
Mediterrenean basin and contribute to the
construction of a health society.

   Who we are?

 We are group a well motivated young people who believe hard work, provide finest goods and honest trading is key to success.



               Battekis® and Fit Goods® logos, marks and other rights are owned by FITFOODS Co., Ltd.

Contact Us:
mail: info@fitfoods.com.tr
Whatsapp: +90 05443569198
fax:+90 2164427721

İstanbul Office: Bağlarbaşı Mah. Bağdat Cad. No.364/10 Maltepe İstanbul

Yalova Factory :Hersek Mh. Ahmet Paşa Cd. No:14/7  E Blok No:3 Altınova Yalova.