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Our Dried Apricot Products:

Our products region is Malatya. We use the most suitable apricot
harvest which is made by hand; so the fruits are not damaged. And for
ideal sweetness, Gaia sun dried the apricots. After apricots harvesting
and drying operations, they are double washed, calibrated, sorted,
hand picked, processed and packed by the experienced staff of Gaia Premium.

Dried Apricot Box
Pack:1kg- 2,5kg- 5kg

Sun Dried Apricot Box
Pack:1kg- 2,5kg- 5kg

Dried Apricot Doypack
Packs: 90g- 200g -400g

We have ISO 9001,ISO 22000 and FDA certificates for our dried apricots.

Private Label: On Demand



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